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Today, every company needs their website to be available 24/7 on every device — phone, tablet, laptop, desktop. Responsive web design means you can have a single site that works on all devices. These modern sites automatically adjust, to resize and rearrange the content, with simplified menus, images and enlarged text and buttons that are easy to see and click.

When designing for the smartphone space it's important to remember it has about one tenth as many pixels as a regular screen. New larger phones and hi-res tablets have great resolutions, but they still have reduced real estate. So the content should be simple and to the point. We will collaborate with you to create a powerhouse site that is built from the ground up to grow your business!

Advantages of mobile-friendly sites:

  • Simply put, they are easier to navigate and use, which will keep visitors on your site longer. They'll be able to quickly find and easily see your products and services. If they start researching your company on their phone, and then resume later at work on their desktop, they will have a consistent and continuous experience. This is critical to keeping your prospects engaged.
  • No more squinting, pinching and zooming to see what they're looking for! That's so 2012.
  • A consistent viewing experience across all devices makes your company look up-to-date and relevant when compared to your competitors.
  • If you choose to, you can quickly and securely update your own site after launch through an online portal.
Google SEO Strategies

Google is very big on mobile-friendly design and it directly affects your SEO performance. To the point of penalizing sites that are not up to date in this area. SSL Certificates are also becoming a requirement.

With WordPress, the ease and speed of making updates to your site encourages more frequent updates to keep your site content fresh and relevant, which is a key factor in Google rankings.




If your site doesn't accurately portray your business, including your latest products, services and your competitive advantages, you're going to run into trouble. It's simple: you won't attract the right prospects and your conversion, and your business will suffer as a result. A hodge-podge design, too much clutter or a website that hasn't been updated in years will turn really off potential customers. They'll see your company as outdated and unresponsive.

WordPress and other CMS (Content Management Systems) have become a popular platforms. With the advent of responsive web design dovetailing with the ease of working within a CMS, it's easy to understand why the days of traditional hard-coded HTML sites are numbered.

Benefits of WordPress and Other CMS
  • Gives power and easy access back to the client when they want to make text and content updates themselves. This reduces the timelines of edits and site maintenance costs.
  • Log in to your site anywhere, anytime, from any computer — important when your not at the office!
  • Flexible and modular system allows plugins to be added as needed for additional functionality such as Twitter feeds, calendars, etc.
  • WordPress automatically creates right-sized images to reduce file size and load time, and converts your full-size menu into a drop-down menu icon so it's always available on any device.
Web Design Services - overview

Business Websites, B2B & B2C

Content Management Solutions / CMS Platforms: WordPress, BigCommerce, SquareSpace, Duda, Wix

Design Prototyping

Web Development

UX, Responsive Design, Usability Testing

Theme Customization: WordPress, SquareSpace, BigCommerce, Wix

Needs Analysis, Site Planning, Content Re-Org, Content Migration

Start to Finish Project Management, Deliverables & Launch Timetables


WordPress website - Angelides Builders

cms based websites are much easier to manage and keep updated


YouTube has transformed from a place to watch funny videos into a powerful business tool to elevate the visibility and depth of your brand. You are able strengthen your social outreach by creating your own tightly controlled branded "channel". Within this channel you can continually promote videos that align with your current marketing, promotions, and industry trends.

Having a branded channel on YouTube allows you to customize the appearance of your page, providing a more consistent look and feel from the website to the channel by incorporating custom designed banners and background images. You'll be able to create additional tabs for custom content sections. And, a branded channel also increases opportunities for optimization efforts which can help your company become more visible.

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google (and since 2006 has been owned by Google). The tagging feature on YouTube allows you to tag keywords for each video, and these tags communicate to the search engines the subjects of your videos. YouTube also offers its own Analytics so you can monitor visits, best performing videos, etc.

YouTube videos can be embedded directly on your site, essentially hosting the video through YouTube and easing the strain on your website’s bandwidth. Using YouTube to host your videos also allows the content to be searchable on your site as well as YouTube!

YouTube Branded Channel Services

Starting and Setting up Your Branded Channel

Populate Your New Channel with Your Videos

Video Optimization, Tags, Analytics

Edit Videos to Length, Create Custom Thumbnails

Organize Playlists, Edit Copy

Add Social Media Connections

Custom Designed Headers and Backgrounds

Edit Logos to YouTube Requirements


YouTube - Dimensions Healthcare

Dimensions Healthcare Branded Youtube Channel helps expand Corporate messaging to reach the target audience


In today’s fast-paced business environment, customers turn to your web site as their primary information resource. With the popularity of web and electronic media, the purpose of print presentation materials has shifted. These materials no longer serve as the primary method for learning about a company’s services and competitive benefits, yet they are still an important communication tool and they help further extend your sales efforts.

Brochures, presentation folders, downloadable PDFs, even the lowly business card can stimulate your prospects into action — visit your web site or call your company. A good print piece builds customer interest, evokes their natural curiosity, and leaves them with another consistent, positive impression. The fundamental goal is to build your business and increase sales.

Print Design Services

Print Collateral: Ads, Brochures, Folders, Sellsheets, Newsletters

Stationery Systems: Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelopes, Invoices

Analysis & Solutions: Marketing & Branding, Competitive Positioning

Downloadable & Interactive PDFs

Digital Ads and Banners

Seamless Integration of Web & Print Projects

Event Marketing: Presentations, Exhibit Booth Design, Banners, Promotional Giveaways


Print Collateral can be a very effective way to solidify a positive impression of your brand and your services


Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skillful application. Any designer worth their salt can create a logo, but truly mastering all aspects of branding is another matter.

Before you even start working up a logo concepts, you must understand the competition and ask the right questions. Throughout the strategy and design process it's important to stay flexible and remember to respect the heritage of the brand.

Of course, logo design is just a sub-set of branding – which these days can incorporate a dizzying number of activation points, from your website and other digital interaction, print pieces, stationery, right through to your style and tone on social media – but the logo remains the centerpiece of your branding effort. In short, a great logo can create a lasting impression, so let's make sure it's the best one!

Logo Design & Corp. ID Services

New Logo Design

Logo Refresh

Branding Strategy

Identity Design: Logo Concepting & Creation, Color & Style Guidelines

Other Applications: Signage, Promotional Items, Branded Apparel


Logo Design Examples

PRD Logo design examples. a great logo can create a lasting impression, So let's make sure it's the best one!


We create exciting, high-impact and truly one-of-a kind brand experiences for our clients. Through trade shows and other marketing events you can connect with your audience and give potential customers the very best impression of your company. This can include innovative and engaging exhibit designs of every size and format, as well companion elements such as promotions, print materials, posters, tablecloths, director's chairs and branded apparel.

Exhibits & Event Marketing Services

Exhibit Booth Design: XL Format, Curved Wall, Pop-Ups, Modular, Portable

Marketing Presentations

Print Collateral, Handouts, Promotional Giveaways

Multimedia: Video, Newsletters, Interactive PDFs


Dynamic Exhibit Displays deliver maximum impact and can instantly differentiate you from the competition